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My research interests are 
       accessibility and inclusive design.
widely focused on
   older adults

Currently part of THAT (The Health, Aging, and Technology) LAB at the University of Maryland, College Park, working on projects advised by Prof. Amanda Lazar.


Explored the perceptions, usability, and possible adaptation of interactive virtual reality-based user manuals designed to learn maker space tools for older adults residing in senior living communities.

2023 - Present  |  Advised by Prof. Amanda Lazar
Image by Mick Haupt
2023 |  Advised by Prof. Eun Kyong Choe

Around 2.5% of the global population grapples with hoarding disorder, linked to anxiety and depression. This study analyzes Reddit data to explore the experiences and challenges of individuals with hoarding behavior. Design implications for digital interventions, such as collaborative tracking, aim to assist hoarders in managing their health and living conditions.

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In our tech-centric era, universal digital access is crucial. This paper introduces a browser extension tool for creating accessible websites, offering insights through tests tailored for minority user groups. It also explores enhancing inclusivity by identifying key checkpoints.

2021  |  Advised by Prof. Kalyan Sasidhar

Conducted user research using semi-structured interviews and observations to understand the typical patterns of smartphone usage and psychological effects experienced by individuals aged 43 to 92.

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2021  |  Advised by Prof. Saurabh Tiwari

We interviewed 10 professionals, including software developers, UX designers, and product managers, with experience ranging from 1.5 to 13 years to explore how industrial practitioners in India perceive and implement accessibility and inclusive design.

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