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My research interests are 
accessibility and inclusive design.
widely focused on
older adults

Currently part of THAT (The Health, Aging, and Technology) LAB at the University of Maryland, College Park. Working with professor Amanda Lazar and PhD student Pooja Upadhyay on the research project "CAREER : Advancing Remote Collaboration: Inclusive Design for People with Dementia.

Past Research Projects.

Accessibility and Inclusive Design : Perceptions of industry practitioners

Accessibility ensures access regardless of ability or circumstance, and Inclusivity includes sectors of society frequently ignored. This project is an attempt to explore the perception of industrial practitioners and current practices for accessibility and inclusive design, based in India. As part of this research goal, we interviewed 10 different industry professionals having roles such as software developers, UX designers, or  product managers having experience ranging from 1.5 to 13 years.

Inclusivity checker: A web extension tool to check inclusivity bugs in websites

At the current speed of technological advancement, particularly with the pandemic driving the shift from physical to virtual, everyone must have access to the digital world. Guidelines for accessible technology exist to assist software engineers in creating websites that are accessible to all but are extensive, and therefore difficult to follow completely. In this paper, we present a browser extension tool that can assist in the building of accessible websites by performing tests on checkpoints categorized into minority user groups. These checkpoints are based on existing guidelines and present developers with errors, warnings, and tips. Furthermore, we examine how a website’s inclusivity may be measured and whether the tool can help increase inclusivity as well by identifying certain checkpoints which serve as points of inclusion.

Demonstration Video:

Accepted in ISEC'23 conference, India.

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